Glamumous is a lifestyle blog aimed at parents with children of all ages. You'll find articles for all of your interests, including parenting, education, housekeeping, DIY projects, recipes and more. All of this is inspired by our real-life experiences: what inspires us, what helps keep our home running smoothly, or the tips and ideas we experiment with.

Founded in 2007, Glamumous has developed from a humble personal blog to a "magazine style" website with extensive archives of editorial material. New content is published at least twice weekly (sometimes more frequently), with a focus on quality, well-written articles we're sure you'll love to read. You might want to sign up for updates by email, follow us on Facebook or subscribe to the RSS feed to learn about new posts as they are published.

About me

I'm Amanda Kennedy: a professional blogger, writer and designer, and a "work-at-home-mum". I live in Yorkshire (in the North of England) with my three amazing children and several cats.

When I'm not glued to a screen or running around after my children, you'll find me engrossed in a fantastic book or perhaps stitching up my latest needlepoint design.

My Children

My three children inspire much of what I write on Glamumous, and sometimes help me create content in a more direct way. They are all very different in age and tastes, so please allow me to introduce them:

Big Lad is my eldest child, currently seventeen and (gasp!) working alongside his training to develop a career in landscaping and agriculture. He's passionate about computer games and technology and is incredibly camera shy (though I can't understand why!).

Princess is my soon-to-be-nine year old daughter. Although she's now grown out of her pink-and-sparkly phase, she adores crafts of all types and will jump up and down if you mention One Direction!

Little Man is my two-year-old tornado! He's passionate about cars and vehicles of any form, and finds no greater pleasure than reading his extensive collection of books with us, several (dozen!) times a day.

If you'd like to know anything more about Glamumous or myself, feel free to get in touch! For media/brand enquiries, you may also like to download our media pack.