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Lunchbox Notes: 50 Free Printable Sets for Every Occasion

50 Free Lunchbox Note PrintablesA while ago I chanced upon a thread on Mumsnet in which a member invited suggestions for jokes to slip inside her children's lunchboxes. Now, I imagine many of you are familiar with this practise, but to me it was a novel concept. Sometimes I might have slipped a reminder note into my children's schoolbags or a Post-It to wish them good luck on a test, though nothing on a regular basis.

I began to wonder whether other parents did this and asked Princess whether her friends found jokes in their packed lunches. "No," she replied, followed inevitably by: "but I'd love it if you'd do that for me!"

Luckily, Google and Pimterest furnished me with a plethora of free printables for our oddly enjoyable new habit. There are notes, jokes and styles for all occasions, from slushy Valentines to math questions; clever food puns, literary quotes, healthy encouragements and even optical illusions!

For the friends and mums who have asked where I found these varied and amusing printables, here is a gallery of my favourite 50 lunchbox note printables.

Making Herbal Steam Shower Tablets

As my children and I were all labouring under the effects of persistent colds, I remembered a "recipe" for herbal steam tablets in the January edition of Daphne's Diary. Made using bicarbonate of soda and essential oils, these tablets are intended to release lovely smelling vapours to invigorate while you shower and they're very easy to make at home.

Here's how we made our own herbal steam tablets, along with a few tips we learned along the way.

Neatography's Splendid Stationery Subscription Service -Review

Taking the time to appreciate the little things which make each day special is one of life's greatest pleasures. A handwritten note sent by snail mail to a friend is sure to brighten up their day. Writing with pen and ink is more personal than text printed out on a screen.

One person who understands this is Lindsey, founder of Neatography: a paper goods subscription service which sends out surprise mailings each month or quarter to paper-lovers all over the world. As you may recall, I featured Neatography in my recent post about subscription services for stationery lovers, and was thrilled when Lindsey offered to send Neatography's February package for me to review.

After a bumpy ride and a long stay at my neighbour's house (!), my package finally arrived with me this weekend. For those of you who - like me - enjoy the pleasure of letterpress cards, washi tape and beautiful stickers to adorn your outgoing mail, here is a complete review of February's stationery goodness from Neatography.

100 Happy Days - Are You Up for the Challenge?

As our schedules become even more busy, we often forget to take the time to enjoy the small things which make us happy. Simple experiences, such as enjoying a coffee with a friend or seeing a child's face light up as they smile, are moments which can make us feel more content about our lives. As the 100 Happy Days project explains:
The ability to appreciate the moment, the environment and yourself in it, is the base for the bridge towards long term happiness of any human being.
So here is my challenge: an you spare a minute or two, each day for 100 days, to document a happy moment in your life?

25 Top Tips for Parents

As I'm sure any parent will attest, any tips to help life with children run more smoothly are vastly appreciated!

To help make life easier, I've collected 25 genius tips for parents for all aspects of family life. From making sure you can find baby a bib in a hurry to helping your pre-schooler learn how to share, you're sure to find a helpful idea or two.

Quiet by Susan Cain - Book Review

In recent weeks I've encountered much coverage of Susan Cain's best-seller, Quiet, and was rather curious to learn whether it would live up to my high expectations in the glorification of the world's more underestimated personality type: introverts, "in a world which can't stop talking".

As Susan explains, at least a third of the people we encounter every day are introverts: those who are quiet, contemplative and often very creative. Yet society prizes extroverts (particularly Western cultures); many teachers claim their best students are extroverted, despite research that introverts are more often those who achieve better grades.

So how best do we nurture the huge percentage of our population who are introverts? And how best can those of us who are more quiet learn to embrace our personalities in order to succeed?

Love's Secret and A Red, Red Rose - Two Free Vintage Printable Poems for Valentine's Day

Whether you need a quick last-minute gift for the one you love, or would simply like to adorn your walls with romantic poetry, here are two beautiful vintage-inspired printables for you.

These printables feature A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns and Love's Secret by William Blake, arguably two of the greatest romantic poems of all time (and certainly two of my personal favourites!).