Christmas Dinner for £10?

by - Thursday, December 16, 2021


This Christmas sees many families here in the UK facing unprecedented hardship. The effects of Covid combined with rising food and duel prices means that many are struggling with the costs of the festive season and harboring concerns about putting on a decent spread for dinner on the big day. 

Marcus Rashford, the footballer famed for his campaign to tackle food poverty in the UK, has teamed with chef Tom Kerridge to create a Christmas meal plan for struggling families for just £10! 

The meal plan includes a Christmas Day feast of stuffed turkey roll, with tray-baked vegetables and greens, plus potato and carrot hash with eggs for Boxing Day lunch. The meal plan is designed for those using Healthy Start vouchers (which would cover the cost of the vegetables) though states that others would be able to recreate the dishes for just £13-14.

The entire meal plan is detailed in an instructional video on the Full Time Meals Instagram channel, which I've embedded below:

Of the meal plan, Marcus Rashford has said

"Christmas has a great ability to bring family together and I want as many children as possible to wake up on Christmas morning happy and without the stress of wondering where their next meal is coming from... I want families in communities like mine to look forward to creating something special in the kitchen together and making memories."

To learn more, or donate to FareShare to help feed families on a low income, visit the FareShare website.

Image credit: Photo by Travel Photographer on StockSnap

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