About Glamumous

by - Friday, September 19, 2008

Glamumous began as a personal blog documenting interesting things about my family life. Being something of a info-junkie, I soon developed a liking to posting useful stuff too: things which other mommies would find useful.

Being a British mummy, this blog offers articles of particular interest to other mommies in the UK. I'll share tips about the bargains I find (both online and off); family-related news and information which I find useful; ways to stay stylish and beautiful on the most meager budget, and much more besides.


Frugality has always been a part of my adult life, beginning from the days when my son was a baby and I had no job to support us. Saving money on everyday things enables us to treat ourselves to something extraordinary, and even though I'm now married, employed by my internet activities and generally leading a financially comfortable life, I still enjoy saving the pennies where I can (especially when I can share my tips and ideas with other British mums who can benefit from them too!)

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