Ready to start growing a garden? (Plus, get four free packs of seeds!)

by - Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We're hoping to grow something like this...
Through the short spell of good weather we've had this week, my youngest and I set about tidying our garden and planting the first of the year's vegetable seeds.

Radishes are a firm favourite - the seeds are large enough for little fingers to plant easily, they grow fast and DD loves picking them from the garden to snack on through the summer months.

Also, lettuce, parsley, peas and lots of broad beens (which I'm sure will provide a gorgeous vertical display in the confines of our new home's garden).

Luckily we still had loads of seeds left over from last year, when I hoarded packs of 29p seeds each and every visit to Netto. I haven't looked around much yet for cheap seed packs, though would suggest Netto, Aldi and Wilkinsons for starters.

Another moneysaving tactic we'll be using is to scour the "reduced" shelves of DIY and Garden stores for the plants no-one else wants to buy. We've found LOADS of bargains like this, including:
  • A huge pot of growing lavender from Wilkonsons for 10p
  • Pots of wilting small tomato plants from Homebase for 50p each
  • Various flowers from B&Q for 25-99p each
  • Berry bushes and small trees from B and M homestores for just a couple of pounds
But of course, the best bargains are those we can get for free =]

The Royal Horticultural Society is offering four free packs of vegetable seeds to the first 10,000 people to register their interest on the site, plus you'll receive a free growing guide and emails to help you make the best of your vegetable growing challenge.

I'd imagine there will be many more garden and vegetable seed freebies this year, so be sure to check back often for updates.

Image credit: Anslatadams, via Flickr

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