Stitch by Cath Kidston - Book Review

by - Friday, May 20, 2011

Each Friday on Glamumous I review a book I've recently read and feel would be interesting for readers of this site. This week I'm reviewing the craft-based book, Stitch by Cath Kidston

I'm afraid I've been a little busy this week, ever since this gorgeous book arrived with the postman to be precise! Having a fondness for cross stitch (and feeling the nesting instinct kicking in!) I'd been interested in this book for some time and was really looking forward to some of the new and modern projects contained within.

Cath Kidston's style of home design offers a modern twist on traditional arts, and this book delivers a needlecrafter's interpretation of this in delicious doses. With projects suitable for crafters of all levels of experience, there's something in here for everyone to try!

Beginning with needlecraft basics, Stitch offers a variety of projects which are not only useful but functional too. Rather than being filled with samplers and art to be framed, you can find quick(ish) and easy patterns to create cushions, themed decor and even a pencil case to make up as a gift. Several of the patterns are themed, such as the cowboy seat cover and sampler, and offer different techniques suitable to the project at hand.

Including materials for a complete project with the book was a genius idea. I was so pleased at being able to jump straight into a project and made my pretty little purse right away (which was promptly swept away by my daughter), while the "shopping lists" for each project made it easy for me to collect the materials I needed to get started on an adorable house cushion.

Usually I find needlecraft patterns online, and (excluding the odd charity shop find) Stitch is the first book on this subject I've purchased. Although a little pricier for a paperback than I'd have prefered, I'm not in the slightest bit disappointed with my purchase as this is something I'll refer to again and again with it's beautiful photography and easy to follow patterns.


Book Title: Stitch by Cath Kidston

Reviewed by: Amanda Kennedy on 05-19-2011

Rating: 4.5/5

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