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by - Monday, October 08, 2012

Had enough of only getting bills and junk mail through the post? Well, here's a great idea for you: how about receiving a monthly surprise present just for you (or delivered to someone special), beautifully packaged and hand-selected by a designer with exquisite taste?

Not Another Bill is a fantastic concept designed to free you from the monotony of receiving only unpleasantness in the post. Become a subscriber (or simply pay for a month at a time) to have a hand-selected curiosity delivered to your door.

Admittedly, this is not a cheap service - the cost for British subscribers is currently £17 per month (including delivery), £45 for a three month subscription and greater savings when you choose 6 or 12 month subscriptions. However, the gifts themselves are absolutely lovely

I had my first 'present' delivered a few days ago - a Paperco DIY model of a space shuttle, exquisitely packaged with a personalised note. Personally, I love it, though I should say right away that I chose to subscribe as a "man" since I have a penchant for stationary, antique maps and prints which are the type of gift generally sent to the men subscribing to the service.

Ladies, on the other hand, will likely receive something beautiful to use or wear, such as the limited edition Chip Fork pendant from Orla Kierly or a hand-dyed silk scarf. Couples can also subscribe to receive designer homewares. My favourite past-present so far has got to be the Pocket Sundial (pictured above). How lovely it must have been to open such a gorgeous unexpected gift for those who had subscribed last month!

Owned and run by designer, Jed ??, the site has been running for about two years and brings smiles to subscribers from all over the world. I'd emailed Jed prior to subscribing and am very happy to say that he is able to cater to individual tastes in selecting gifts to send out, as well as being a general top bloke =)

If you have a little spare cash this month, why not splash out to receive a surprise gift of your own, or purchase a subscription as a Christmas gift for someone you know? At least, pop over to check out the site and past presents for yourself - it really is a treat, even for window shoppers!

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