5 Quick and easy knitted gifts using DK yarn

by - Monday, November 08, 2021


As the nights draw in, I find nothing more calming than snuggling up to knit with an audiobook and a cup of hot tea. I'm not a particularly skilled knitter, but consider myself capable enough to complete small projects and delight in crafting garments for a particular person or purpose. 

With Christmas just around the corner, I've collected several lovely free patterns from around the web to share with Glamumous readers. All of these free patterns use DK yarn, which is the most accessible yarn weight here in the UK. The popularity of DK yarn ensures you'll easily be able to locate some, whether it be the cheap bright balls from Poundland or Home Bargains, or more expensive blends from Hobbycraft and independent stores. 

I hope you will find a charming pattern for your next project from this tried and tested selection!

Knit Neck Scarf from Martha Stewart

Every knitter may begin with a scarf, but this pattern from Martha Stewart is elevated in style. It uses only garter stitch (although the ties are a little fiddly) and would make the perfect weekend project!

Find the Knit Neck Scarf pattern on the Martha Stewart website.

Napping by the Fire Headband by Un Peu Sauvage

Headbands are a popular project among knitters: they take much less time than a hat and can be worn throughout the colder months as a fashion accessory (in addition to keeping our ears warm!). Of all the patterns I've tried, this is the one I've enjoyed the most as it is knit flat using only knit and purl stitches!

Download the pattern from Ravelry

Fox Slippers by MollieMakes

These super-cute fox slippers would make an ideal gift for an animal lover. How can you resist?

Details and free pattern from Mollie Makes

Robby Raccoon Bag Charm from Simply Knitting

This delightful knitted bag charm appeals to the young and old alike! Knitted in stockinette, it requires little skill to craft and could easily be made while watching a (long) movie. 

Details and pattern available from Simply Knitting

Emerald Green Handwarmers by Creative Yarn

I've knitted several pairs of these gorgeous hand warmers in different colours and yarns. They are knit flat and seamed up the sides, using only knit and purl to create the intricate textures. My favourite was knit with sparkly white yarn as a gift for my daughter, she wears them all the time!

Learn more and find the pattern at Creative Yarn

What are your favourite simple patterns for quickly knitted gifts? Please do share your projects by leaving a comment below.

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