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by - Monday, November 26, 2007

Any service which makes life easier gets the thumbs up from me, so I was thrilled to discover
"Our aim is to help shoppers get the best possible price for their supermarket trolley while enjoying an easier and more consumer-friendly shopping experience"
You can say that again! I tried MySupermarket out yesterday and was more than pleased with this service. This site offers your favorite supermarkets all in one place; you can shop online or print off a shopping list to shop for your items in your own time. But the best thing about this site is that you are shown cheaper alternatives to your selection and can swap items to get better value for your money. Also, you can view equivalent items from other supermarkets and are presented with the total cost so it's easy to see if you could save money by shopping elsewhere.

As a mummy, I do prefer to do my shopping online and have it delivered to my home. This saves me so much trouble (not to mention time) of traveling to the supermarket and putting up with the tantrums of my two year old while we shop. For me there's nothing worse than trying to read the labels on a can of soup while my daughter races around throwing unmentionables in the trolley or strops when she can't have a bucketful of sweeties all to herself! With MySupermarket, I found I can also save a lot of money simply by choosing different (but equivalent quality) items for my basket, like this:

Another feature of MySupermarket is the "Health Checker": this can help you choose healthier items for your basket based on fat content and calories: excellent for those who are watching their tums in the pre-Christmas run up!

It's a really easy service to use: once you have chosen your supermarket, you simply choose your shopping items as normal, and when you're ready to check out you'll be given options to swap items in your trolley for those which are cheaper or healthier. You'll also see how much it would cost to buy the same products from a different supermarket branch instead, so you'll quickly know if you can save money by shopping elsewhere.

I'm really impressed by and will definitely be using this for my Christmas grocery shop instead of bracing the aisles! What's more, I can do the shopping whenever I want to, even at 1am when the kids are all snugly tucked up in bed.

I hope you will enjoy this great service as much as I do. Please let me know what you think by leaving your comments and opinions below.

Image credit: Simon Shek

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