Get a Free Personalized Father's Day Card (Pay only 50p postage!)

by - Thursday, June 04, 2009

With Father's Day only a few weeks away (the 21st of June), I thought I'd let you all know about a great deal from BonusPrint (in conjunction with The Mirror) which enables us to get a free personalized Father's Day card that includes a photo upload and personalized message.

This offer is for the A5 sized card (not the smallest) and carries only the charge for postage: 50p.

To get your free personalized Father's Day card, simply head over to the Bonusprint offer page which contains the promotional code for this offer (write it down as you'll need this during checkout).

Be sure to choose the A5 size card to qualify for the offer, then upload your photo and personalize to your liking. There is a selection available to add a border around your image, which helps the design look more like a Father's Day card (choose Border>Father's Day and select from the two available alternatives).

Until you reach checkout, it will appear that the total cost of your card is £1.50. However once you've filled in your details you'll be able to enter your promotional code to reduce the total cost (including postage) down from £2.00 to just 50p.

This is a time sensitive offer which ends at Midnight on the 9th of June!

I've just created a special card from our youngest to her Daddy - she explained exactly which photo we should use and what she wanted to say in the card to make it a truly personal one :)

Hope you will enjoy this free offer too!

Thanks goes to MoneySavingExpert for news about this offer.

Image credit: renaissancechambara

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  1. Wow thanks for this!! Just ordered my card, was dreading having to make one with my 18m old, he hates crafts! And I'm a bit poorly at the mo,so can't get to the shops. Thanks for the tip :-) one happy reader.

  2. Hi Amanda
    Thanks for posting this tip! I have just ordered my personalised fathers Day card for my two kids to present to Daddy! This will be a card he'll want to keep!
    I've just connected to you on British Mummy Bloggers:)