School Uniform for £4.75? The Rumours ARE True!

by - Thursday, June 11, 2009

When I read the announcement about Asda's £4.75 school uniform deal on Twitter, I couldn't help wondering "is this for real?"

With three children already at school and my youngest about to start this September, we're only too aware of how expensive it can be to kit the kids out with complete uniforms each year. Four complete school uniforms for less than £20? Surely this deal is too good to be true...

So I popped in to my local Asda to see for myself and am happy to tell you that this offer does exist, though to be truthful we would need to spend £11 in total in order to create a complete outfit for this low price.

Let me explain how this works.

Asda are running a 10 day offer (which started today) where we can buy:

  • 2 pairs of trousers OR 2 skirts (or a combination of both) for £5
  • 2 sweatshirts for £3
  • 2 packs of two of polo shirts/cotton shirts for £3
We then work out the cost of each individual item:
  • Cost of trousers/skirt: £5 / 2 = £2.50
  • Cost of sweatshirt: £3 / 2 = £1.50
  • Cost of shirt/polo shirt: £3 / 4 = 75p
Which works out as the grand total of £4.75 for a complete school uniform.

These offer prices apply to all sizes of clothing, from age 3 to 16. Anthony Thompson, managing director at George, said:
Every child in this country needs a school uniform and they deserve the best quality it can be.

You don't pay more for bigger adults clothing, you don't even pay more for larger sized bras anymore. So it is simple customers should not pay more for compulsory school clothes. (Source)

Even if your child's uniform sweater must feature the school logo, you can still benefit from this great offer by buying only the trousers/skirts and shirts. We have been buying trousers from Asda for the past few years because - despite the low price - these are great quality which really can last a whole year.

The offer runs for 10 days only, ending next weekend. Uniforms can be purchased from Asda Direct as well as in stores across the UK.

After this offer expires, the items will revert back to their original price. If you'd normally wait for the school holidays to buy uniforms for your children, it may be a good idea to change your habits this year and grab a bargain while you can!

Image credit: Tinou Bao

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