Rollicking Rhyme - A Free eBook of Classic Children's Poetry

by - Monday, April 01, 2013

To celebrate National Poetry Month, I've compiled an anthology of classic poetry for children which you can download absolutely free!

Rollicking Rhyme features classic verse by Lewis Carrol, Christina Rosetti, Abbie Farwell-Brown and many more authors, chosen specifically for their appeal to younger readers. From nursery rhymes to mischief-making, cautionary tales and flights of fancy, there are poems to suit everyone.

This eBook is available in PDF, ePub and .mobi formats so you can enjoy it on any device you like! What's more, it's available under the CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) license, so feel free to download, share and distribute Rollicking Rhyme any way you like!

Download Rollicking Rhyme (.zip file, includes PDF, ePub and Mobi)

Read on to preview and learn more about this free anthology of poetry.

Introducing Rollicking Rhyme


Exuberantly lively and amusing. “Good rollicking fun”

Children find poetry mesmerizing. Poems can make us laugh, make us wonder; it can tell imaginative stories or send powerful messages in a few words.

There are many hidden benefits of introducing children to poetry from an early age. Poetry's emphasis on the sound and rhythm of language helps build phonemic awareness (sensitivity to the smallest sounds of speech) which helps to develop the skills required for reading. Colourful use of language exposes children to a wider range of vocabulary and concepts which in turn helps children write more articulately.

Poetry celebrates the sound and rhythm of language and words in ways which narratives do not. Being shorter than most stories and books, poems provide morsels of literary goodness which to be enjoyed over and over, encouraging delight in the simple use of language in cases where dredging through pages of text are discouraging.

In Rollicking Rhyme, I've selected fifty of my favourite children's poems by many authors. These are verses I read alone and spoke aloud as a child; which I've shared with important people in my life and – most importantly – which I now share and enjoy with my own children.

Since children particularly enjoy poetry which they can relate to, I've chosen a variety of verse to suit many personalities and occasions. I hope you will enjoy sharing these classic poems with your own children to help inspire in them a love of the written word.

Preview Rollicking Rhyme

About this eBook

I compiled this eBook as a means for fellow parents and poetry enthusiasts to share with children. 

All of the poems included are sourced from the Public Domain: classic poems from bygone days whose copyright has expired. This enabled me to produce an eBook which I could then offer for free download and distribution.

Rollicking Rhyme is published under the CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) license. This means you are free to download, print, copy and share this document in any way you like. 

Please feel free to pass it on to friends and family members, print it off to share with your class, or simply enjoy the timeless pleasure of the written word at absolutely no cost.

Get the eBook

The download folder contains Rollicking Rhyme in all three formats:
  • PDF (ideal for reading on large screens)
  • ePub (for iPad, Nook, Kobo, etc)
  • mobi (for mobile devices and Amazon Kindle)
Simply extract the contents of the folder and upload the correct format for your device.

Rollicking Rhyme is also available in Amazon's Kindle Shop for direct download to your device. Please note that I have not yet been able to list this title for free on Amazon, but I'm working on that! 

If you would like Rollicking Rhyme delivered to our Kindle for free, download the eBook files and send the .mobi version to your kindle using your "Send to Kindle" email address. 

Your thoughts..?

I hope you and your children enjoy sharing the poems presented in Rollicking Rhyme - I certainly enjoyed creating it!

Writing eBooks and informative posts for Glamumous readers is something I really enjoy (and hope to continue in the future) and I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions you have so I can improve my future works. Feel free to get in touch or leave your thoughts on this page by using the form below.

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