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by - Monday, April 23, 2007

Like many new bloggers, I have the uncontrollable urge to customise my blog to my own particular specifications in order to make my blog unique and work exactly as I want it to.

It can't be helped, despite my resolutions to concentrate only on Glam-Mum-Ous subjects... So for the next few weeks, I'll blog a series of articles about what I'm doing to my Blogger template.

At least until I've got it out of my system!

I've started with the classic Rounders4 Blogger template, as I like the colour scheme and the segmentation of the sidebars. Here's what I plan to do in order to evolve my template to something completely glamumous:

  1. Add a custom header
  2. Create a 3 column layout (featuring an extra sidebar on the left)
  3. Add trackback functionality
  4. Create a "label cloud", so that my post labels are in a pretty cloud shape instead of simply a long list!
  5. Perhaps more... I've yet to decide what else I'd like to do!

From this point forward, all posts related to the customisation of my blog will be featured under the label "customising blogger". Watch this space for changes in the near future, and please leave your comments and opinions on my design as it develops.

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