How to walk in high heels

by - Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I love high heeled shoes. Always have and always will. They make me feel more feminine and do wonders to lengthen my legs!

So I found it strange when my sister confessed that she doesn't wear heels because she can't walk in them...

I learnt the art of "high heel walking" the hard way: trial and error, many blunders and sore toes! But there is a MUCH easier way to learn, which I discovered when reading Camilla Morton's great book, How to walk in High Heels.

Basically, what you should do first is find a fabulous pair of high heeled shoes which you adore. They should speak to you, make you feel wonderful, and beg to be worn. Make sure they don't pinch on the toes (as when you walk in them, the pinching will become so much worse when your weight is pushed downward!).

Once you've found your shoes, you should take yourself off to the supermarket. Yes, that's right-the supermarket! It may seem a strange method, but believe me girls this will work! Find yourself a trolley (before changing into your gorgeous skyscraper heels, if necessary!), then use the trolley like a walking frame to support yourself as you walk around the store.

Take your time and enjoy the way your heels make you feel. Notice how your bum looks more pert and your legs look so much longer now? Peruse the aisles and pretend not to notice all those admiring glances as you strut your stuff in your fabulous new shoes. By the time you're ready to check-out, you'll feel much more confident about walking in your new favorite footwear, prancing and skipping like you lived in these shoes forever! This is something I do when struggling with very high heels or strappy stilettos, and it really does help!

If you're still struggling after trying this method, you could always get started with high-heeled boots instead: the extra support on the ankle and leg make them much easier to balance in ;)

Try it, see the results for yourself and enjoy your femininity!

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