The nit problem

by - Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I imagine every mum encounters "the nit problem" at least once. I say "at least" because I have made the unfortunate discovery that once the little buggers land, they are extremely difficult to be rid of!

For nigh on three months now, we've been trying to get rid of them. So far, nothing has really worked, and I've tried everything from chemical solutions to mayonaisse and vineger rinses! It's been a long and frustrating process.

So, finally I've come to realise that the only sure-fire method will be to comb and comb every day for at least a few weeks until we can be sure they've all disappeared. I found a really useful website which features a "program" of combing which supposedly works, which you can read here. It involves combing the hair using a lice comb over a period of three weeks to ensure that all adult lice and hatching offspring are removed (and therefore will not return anytime soon).

We're currently in week two (of three) and haven't had itchy heads for a few days now, so it seems to be doing the trick, despite being tedious and wholly annoying for the children. I do hope this method works, and will be taking no chances in the future. I'll post again about this soon to let you know how we get on.

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