Dad in hospital

by - Thursday, July 19, 2007

Today I took Dad to hospital, where at present he's being prepared to have major surgery on his spine. I hated leaving him there alone and nervous. These days, he seems so weak and sad, and pained. It hurts me to see him this way, so I know the operation he's having can only make him more comfortable than he is at present.

The picture above was taken when Dad was feeling much healthier, and this is always the way I remember him: seemingly invincible and happy. I do hope he's well enough for me to visit tomorrow evening during visiting hours. Now I feel so guilty that we're going on holiday this Saturday, as I won't be able to visit him after tomorrow, and I'm really anxious about him. If it wasn't for the kids, I'd have cancelled the holiday and stayed at home instead to be there when he needs his family close by. At least I'll be in Sheffield when he comes out, to help him at home while everyone else is at work.

Miss you Dad!. All my love and hopes for your swift recovery!

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