A near miss...

by - Friday, July 20, 2007

Last night, my son came in screaming moments after he'd gone out to play across the road. He'd been so preoccupied with a gift he'd just received from his aunt that he walked out into the road without looking, and...

Well, you can guess what happened.

He was so SO lucky to have come out of it with only bruises and a sore leg! The driver of the van was so concerned and stayed until he was certain my son wasn't badly injured. I hardly remember what I did, except that I sobbed and insisted on stripping him to his underpants right in the open doorway until I knew for certain nothing was bleeding or broken.

So so lucky. And so unlike my son to cross the road without looking both ways first! I've installed road sense into him from the moment he could walk, so I can only believe he must have been too excited about his gift and the impending holidays.

I thank God that he is safe and well. Heaven knows what I'd have done if he'd been seriously hurt, or worse... I'm so glad that the driver had enough sense to drive through our road with caution and safe speed, since there are almost always children playing in the street. If the car had been one of the "boy racers" who speed through the road at night, I certainly wouldn't be here writing this post now.

Thank God for small mercies, and for keeping our children safe.

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  1. Being a new dad to a 6 month daughter I can image the panic you must have been struck with when this happened.

    Really happy to learn that your son is unharmed. These things happen so quickly.

  2. Glad to hear its nothing serious but some bruises :)

    Must pray harder to God :)