Find money saving tips with Google's Tip Jar

by - Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tip Jar is a collection of money saving tips ranked by members of the online community. Organized into sections like Finance, Kids and Family or Food, this user submitted directory offers useful tried and tested advice to help you save money (which is especially important for us now in this time of economic insecurity!).

Some of my favorite tips include:

Give a gift of a service instead of an item. For new parents, give an evening of babysitting as a gift. If you know pet owners, offer to take care of their pets when they travel. Offer up some lawn care as a gift to a new homeowner (by The Simple Dollar)

Celebrate saving: Discuss with your kids an appropriate and safe place to keep their money (e.g., piggy bank, plastic container, wallet, etc.). Put a picture of the item for which they are saving on the “bank” to reinforce visually. (by Choose to Save)

Turn off the lights in the rooms of your house that you are not occupying. Make it a habit to flip the switch each time you leave a room. Save electricity and save on your bill. (by Crista)

Use your library's online catalog to order books, movies, audiobooks and CDs. My library sends me an email when they are ready for pickup. It's as easy as Blockbuster, but free. (by Johny)

You can also register to add your own money-saving tips, to comment or vote on those submitted by others. Also if you are interested in similar sites of this genre, you will encounter loads of links to other fantastic sites which offer mmoney saving tips and articles, such as The Simple Dollar, Zen Habits and more.

If (like me) you like to spend five minutes doing something constructive in your coffee break, this is certainly a site you should visit ;)

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