Introducing - Parenting advice for families with Small Children

by - Sunday, March 15, 2009

The NSPCC's newest venture,, offers an invaluable resource for parents with young children.

Honestly, this site is wonderful! It's wonderfully designed, offers easy navigation to articles of interest, and - most importantly- it includes the most helpful interactive parenting feature I have ever seen: a digital nanny!

A digital nanny?

The Digital Nanny feature can be found on the home page (near the bottom) and on most internal pages in the sidebar to the right. To use this, type the name of your child and their age, then use the drop-down menus to choose the specific advice you would like for your child. Once you're done, you'll receive personalized advice specifically geared towards helping you with your problem or question.

Things to do with the kids

YourFamily offers loads of fun and creative ideas for things to do with your children, from days out in your area to creative crafts and healthy recipes the kids will love to help make.

There are loads of videos you can watch on the site too which are fun to watch with your little angels before trying out these ideas for yourself.

Go take a look for yourself!

If you have young children, you really ought to check out for yourself to see what's on offer and how this site could be useful for you too. The site is regularly updated with new features, tips and videos and also includes a forum where you can discuss parenting issues with other mums and dads in the UK.


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