Grown-Up Games for Nintendo DS

by - Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When I told my husband that I wanted a Nintendo DS for Christmas, his face was a picture of utter disbelief. "Why on earth do you want one of those?" he asked. "Video games are for kids!"

Thankfully I was armed with a list of "grown-up" games I was just dying to play, not to mention the plethora of recent television adverts featuring Patrick Stewart, Fern Britton and many others besides whose fame and persuasiveness have helped a nation of adults understand that Nintendo produce enjoyable games for adults too.

So here is my list of "grown-up" games for the Nintendo DS: educational, insightful and wholly enjoyable (without a red capped Italian nor a fuzzy yellow hamster in sight).

Brain Training

I have no doubt that this must be the most popular Nintendo DS game ever to hit the shelves. Every DS-toting mommy I know has a copy of this, and with good reason too!

Dr. Kawashima promises to help develop your brain through short stimulating exercises performed daily (or when you have a few moments to spare). From reading aloud to solving quick mathematic equations, sudolu challenges and much more. Brain training is a game you can play in your coffee break and even in the few minutes waiting in the car park for your children to come out of school feeling smug in the knowledge that your memory and knowledge is improving every day.

Learn more about Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training | Buy from Amazon

Cooking Guide: Can't decide what to eat?

This was the first title I bought when I acquired my own DS and is known as "Personal Trainer Cooking" in the US. Far better (and easier) than using a recipe book, cooking guide takes you through each step of creating delicious recipes from around the world using visual and voice activated prompts. No more messy pages!

You can choose the recipe you want by browsing by region, ingredient and even the time taken to prepare/cook your meal. Starters, side-dishes, main meals and desserts are all included. I was impressed to find even Tunisian cous-cous as one of the recipes available which I finally learned how to cook without creating a huge sludgy mess (Hubby dearest was impressed!).

Learn more about Cooking Guide | Buy from Amazon

101 Classic Book Collection

With this title you can turn your Nintendo DS into a pocket sized library for all your favorite literary classics. Featuring the works of Shakespeare, Jane Austen and even Jules Verne you can hold your DS as you would a book; change the font sizes and even add bookmarks so you don't lose the place where you were reading.

Classis Book Collection offers recommended reading based on the titles you enjoyed the most, and extra content which can be downloaded by wi-fi connection. There has never been a better excuse to indulge in a little Pride and Prejudice...

Learn more about 100 Classic Book Collection | 100 Classic Book Collection (Nintendo DS)

Personal Yoga Training

After the success of Wii-Fit, we are starting to see physical training games appear on the Nintendo DS. Personal Yoga Training promises to help teach you the basics of yoga in just 15 minutes a day to help you relax, develop a better posture and maintain calm in your hectic life.

Personal Yoga Training (Nintendo DS)

Walk With Me

This game has not yet been released in the UK but it is certainly a title I am looking forward to. Walk With Me will come complete with two Activity Pedometers to help track how much walking you have done each day.

Using amusing activities such as the "walk through space" and images of the world which can be uncovered when you have walked sufficient distances, this game will encourage you to take up one of the healthiest and cheapest fitness activities.

Learn more about Walk WIth Me | Buy from Amazon

The Times Crossword Challenge

Do you love crosswords? Spare the bulky newspapers and treat yourself to the Times Crossword Challenge instead.  You can set the difficulty level to the standard most suitable for you and use either the stylus or buttons to complete your crossword challenges.

Read more about The Times Crossword Challenge

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

This list would not be complete without my all-time favorite game!

Professor Layton is a Sherlock Holmes inspired detective called to the village of St. Mystere to solve the puzzle of the Golden Apple. To progress through the game, you must solve a mind-boggling series of logical and lateral puzzles which increase in difficulty as you get closer to solving the riddle of the village.

Honestly, this game still astounds me! Between puzzles you can view beautifully animated cut-scenes, and once you've discovered the solution to the mystery you can continue play by downloading extra content via your Wi-Fi connection.

Learn more about Professor Layton and the Curious Village | Buy from Amazon

What are your favorite Nintendo titles?

Are you already a Nintendo DS convert? What are your favorite "grown up" games for the handheld DS? Please feel free to add your comments and recommendations below.

Image credit: Pink DS by Shrk via Flickr Creative Commons

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