25 Top Tips for Parents

by - Wednesday, February 26, 2014

As I'm sure any parent will attest, any tips to help life with children run more smoothly are vastly appreciated!

To help make life easier, I've collected 25 genius tips for parents for all aspects of family life. From making sure you can find baby a bib in a hurry to helping your pre-schooler learn how to share, you're sure to find a helpful idea or two.

Create a re-usable information sheet for your babysitter
Print the information you'll most likely need (leaving spaces for your notes) and present in a cheap frame. Use a dry-wipe marker to add details when needed.
Credit: Dollar Store Crafts
Use cupcake wrappers to catch the drips from a popsicle
From Dabilo's phototram on Flickr
Make a "Time-Out Jar" 
This is a really simple and constructive craft to make time-outs so much more calming. All you'll need is a large jar, glitter, water and a little food colouring.
Visit The Crazy Coupon Lady for full instructions
Make a mobile trash can for icky tissues
If your little ones have got a cold, you may well find yourself surrounded by discarded tissues. This simple trick from MeckMom solves the problem with just a couple of elastic bands and an empty tissue box!
Contain messy play in deep trays

Toddlers are notoriously messy, particularly when play-dough paints or craft are involved. Keep their mess in one place by using a large tray as a play-station! The deep sides prevent things from spilling all over the floor, and the size is perfect for little ones.

Image from Babyzone, from an idea posted by Venusian Glow.

No-spill paint cups from Starbucks

Starbucks' frappucino cups are ideal to be re-used as no-spill paint cups (and far less expensive than those bought at the craft store!)

Credit to Muffin Tin Mom

Credit to Mommy Gaga

Frozen teething soother

This "momsicle" was made using a popsicle mold and a pacifier. Ideal for soothing a teething baby's gums, it can be made with expressed breast milk, water or formula. Full instructions (and similar ideas) can be found over at Mother-to-Mother.com.

Make medicine-time easier by using a modified pacifier

Snip a tiny hole in the end of a pacifier and use a medicine syringe to make sure baby's medicine is properly administered (rather than being spilled all over baby's clothes).

Note: I've found this all over Pinterest, but have not been able to locate the original source. Please let me know in the comments if you can provide credit to the source web page.

Kids scared of the dark? Make Monster Spray!

Kara of Happy go Lucky created this genius bottle (which contains only water) to scare away the "monsters" from her son's room at night. Create your own with an empty spray bottle and some stickers from the dollar store.

Bathe your toddler in a laundry basket...

...to stop their toys from floating away!

From Lifehacker

Help your little ones reach the taps by re-using a lotion bottle

Full details can be found over at Sodahead.com

How to make SURE children do their chores!

Again, I'm not sure where this idea was originally posted. I found this on Pinterest where it appears to have gone viral!

Via Dump-a-Day

Sitting on a balance ball helps aid children's concentration when doing their homework!

It also helps improve core muscle strength and helps active children burn off a little energy while they work.

Credit to The New Century School for the idea and image.

Use Vapo Rub and socks to soothe coughing at night

If your child has an unsettling cough, help them get a good night's sleep using this simple tip. Slather Vicks Vapo Rub over the soles of their feet and cover with cotton socks. Within around 5 minutes, the cough will be soothed  allowing them to sleep soundly through the night.

To learn more about how this works, visit A Day in My Life

To help your children learn how long to brush their teeth, have them hum the "Happy Birthday" song twice over.

Most children prefer to brush their teeth in a rush, this tip will help them to slow down while making the event more fun!

Credit to Today's Parent for the image.

Encourage your toddler to hold their juice box by the corners to prevent spills.

This really works, and is one of those tips I can't believe I hadn't thought of before!

Via Guerillha Nerd

Via Pinterest

Create your own temporary tattoo in case your child gets lost when travelling to busy places.

All you'll need is a washable pen and a bottle of liquid elastoplast.

Full details can be found over at Chips, Cheese and sometimes Marshmallows

Hang a wardrobe organiser over the back of your seat to organise supplies for long car journeys

Children can easily reach their favourite games or take a drink without causing disruption to your driving

Via Decor-ganise Crafts

Clean your child's summer shoes in the dishwasher to help them last a bit longer.

I've often tried rescuing dirty shoes by putting them through a washing machine cycle, but the spinning often does more harm than good. The dishwasher is a far safer solution, just be sure to use a lower temperature!

Credit to Brady Lou Project Guru

The envelope neckline on baby onesies enables you to pull the garment downwards for easier removal!

Credit to Babyzone for the image

Holding something small (like an eraser or small thimble) with the small and ring finger helps children learn how to hold a pencil correctly.
Credit to MamaOT

Store baby wipes upside down to prevent them from drying out.

Credit to Jackie Sinclair, via Pinterest

What are your favourite tips for parents?

Which are your favourite parent tips from this post? For me, the juice-box trick has been a life-saver - no more mopping up spillages each time Babyman has a carton of apple juice!

I'm sure there are hundreds more ingenious ways to make life easier for parents. So if you have any favourite tips of your own which you would like to share, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Image credit (post banner): Phillipe Pot, via Flickr.

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