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by - Monday, February 10, 2014

I have a confession to make: I'm addicted to stationery. Pretty notepads; pens in every thickness, style and colour; labels and stickers; pencil pots and cases to house my ever-growing collection... I'm one of those people who really needs to avoid walking past Paperchase after payday: even though most of my written work is typed, I'm still able to convince myself that I'll find some use for yet more vintage postcards or that stylish letter set!

Having become interested in the trend for monthly subscription boxes, Princess and I wondered if there were services available for us to purchase pretty stationery to satiate our cravings for paper. To our delight we discovered there were quite a few to which we could subscribe for regular parcels of notepaper, greetings cards, scrapbook ephemera and everything between!

In this post, you'll find 20+ such subscriptions for paper lovers, many of which offer international delivery. From greetings cards to novelty papers and even books, if you enjoy paper the way I do, you're sure to find a service to fulfil your needs!


$23 USD + $4 delivery per package in the U.S. International delivery available on request.

Based in Chattanooga, Neatography is run by Lindsey - a lady whose love of beautiful practical stationery is reflected in the packages subscribers can expect to receive in the mail each month. 
"When you sign up, you can look forward to receiving desk calendars, greeting cards, blank note cards, postage stamps, note pads and list pads, labels, tags, writing utensils, journals, post cards, recipe cards, place cards, sticky notes, etc. The contents of each month’s package will be a surprise, but all goods are wonderfully practical, unique in nature or design & of the utmost quality."
Packages are available as a single mailing for those who would like to try out the service, and as recurring subscriptions for monthly or quarterly packages. The total value of the items in each mailing is at least $25 USD. Delivery within the U.S. is just $4 per package, and international delivery is available on request (you'll need to contact Lindsey through the site for international delivery rates). 

In the near future, Neatography will also be offering a "cards only" subscription for around $14 USD (plus delivery) per month. This will be "a tidy parcel of greeting and note cards with postage stamps included so you will be ever ready with a card for any occasion". 

Take a peek at the Neatography website to find examples of the paper goods and card selections sent out in previous mailings.


£12.99/month (approx $21.18 USD) plus postage. International delivery available.

Inkdrops is a subscription service based in the U.K which delivers stationery by the boxful, dropped though your letterbox! The image above shows the contents of the box for January 2014 (which we purchased and love).

Box contents vary from month to month. You can choose to have a single package delivered, or opt for 3/6 month subscriptions if you prefer. Sneak peeks are available for the forthcoming month so you can see what will be included before committing to purchase. There's also a lovely boutique of stationery packs which start from just £5!

Visit Inkdrops


From $25 USD + $7.95 shipping for a single month subscription. Ships to US and Canada only

OliveBox is a monthly subscription service for paper lovers. For $25 a month plus postage (or less if you choose a 6 or 12 month subscription) you can enjoy a carefully curated box of stationery and lifestyle products delivered to your door.

Alternatively you might like to try the OliveBox card box which ships six times a year. This box contains 6-8 greetings cards appropriate to the season (Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.) at a cost of $25 per box plus shipping.

Visit OliveBox

Artful Intuition Picks and Parcels

From $50 USD plus postage for a 3 month subscription. Delivery within the U.S. only.

If you're looking for creative papers for your projects or inspiration, this subscription package would be perfect!

"Each month for three months a parcel will arrive at your door containing a unique picks of vintage paper ephemera and miscellaneous "smalls" specially chose from flea markets, estate sales, and vintage shops by Artful Intuition."

Subscriptions are available for 3, 6 or twelve months. Unfortunately, Artful Intuition only ships within the United States though we'd love to learn what's included in your package if you subscribe!

Learn more about Artful Intuition's Picks and Parcels subscription

Rad and Hungry Something Mighty (STMT) Collections

From $21 USD for a single box, plus shipping. International delivery available on request.

RAD AND HUNGRY (RAH) sells lo-fi goods from low-down travel – limited-edition office supplies locally sourced from around the world. RAH believes travel transforms the everyday into something inspired, connecting far-flung groups of people who love style, travel and design.

Each delivery contains around 3 items, generally some form of paper and a pen plus another office-supply accessory (such as the transfers from the Italy box pictured above, or paperclips from the latest Sweden-themed delivery).

Subscriptions are available for 1, 3, 6 or 10 months (RAH don't do mailings in June or December). U.S. Delivery is included in the 6 and 10 month packages, and if you opt for a full year's worth of packages you'll receive a surprise gift!

Visit Rad and Hungry

Antiquaria Stationery Boxes

$30 for one box or $100 for four (shipped quarterly). Ships to U.S. only.

Antiquaria, famed for beautiful wedding stationery, produces a quarterly subscription box filled with recent stationery designs and ephemera. Costing $30 USD for a single box or $100 for a full year (four boxes) plus postage, this subscription would make an ideal gift for a paper-loving friend or an indulgent treat for yourself.

Visit Antiquaria

Ginger Mail

$15 USD (plus postage for international orders)

Ginger Mail is a service by Ginger P Designs on Etsy through which you can receive a mailing of greetings cards and stationery items every 6 weeks. Each mailing has a theme so that all of your items relate to one another, and the items will correlate with the upcoming season.

The cost is $15 USD per mailing which includes United States postage. International shipping is available at additional cost.

Learn more about Ginger Mail

Idea Chic Parcel Post Delivery

Costs $30 USD per quarterly mailing plus postage. International delivery available.

Idea Chic's Parcel Post service offers a surprise mailing featuring new products, bestsellers from the store and even unique items only available to subscribers!

Deliveries are posted quarterly in March for spring, June for summer, September for fall and December for winter, and the total value of items included will be at least $30. Choose from a single season's subscription or pre-pay for a whole year's worth of stationery mailings.

Learn more about Idea Chic's Parcel Post

7layerdesigns Stationery Subscription

From $38 USD for a 3 month subscription, plus postage. International delivery available.

7layer designs offers a subscription service for 3, 6 or 9 months worth of unique stationery. Each shipment contains 3-5 cards so you'll never be without a beautiful card when you need one!

Learn more about 7layerdesigns Stationery Subscriptions

Haute Box

$20 including postage. Delivery within United States only.

Haute Box is a quarterly delivery of Haute Papier goodies delivered straight to your door, including "the finest pens, pads, coasters, greeting cards and letterpressed goodies in the stationery market".

The image above shows an example of what you might receive as contents vary with each package, though include a minimum of $20 worth of goods from the store. Subscribers can choose to purchase a single package, two, three or a year's worth (four packages in total).

Most of the listings state delivery only within the U.S. though we did find one listing for delivery to London (or anywhere else in the United Kingdom) for an additional £55 postage.

Visit the Haute Papier boutique on Etsy to learn more.

Uncustomaryart's Postcard Subscription

$2 USD plus shipping. International delivery available.

This unusual service from Uncustomaryart on Etsy is sure to brighten your letterbox! Subscribers receive 10 postcards over the course of a month, including both handmade and shop-bought designs.
"Each postcard will be handwritten, colorful, and fun. Sign up, sit back, and wait for happy snail mail!"

Learn more about Uncustomaryart's postcard subscription service

Letterpress Lovers Club

From $37 USD for a 3 month subscription. Delivery to U.S. and Canada only.

Love letterpress? Join the Letterpress Lovers Club to enjoy a monthly delivery of letterpress stationery!
"Each month the items are different and includes an assortment of stationery such as notecard or greeting card sets, art prints, gift tags, letterpress printed packaging items, seasonal stationery pieces, and more! Now you will always have cards on hand for special occasions!"
Based in Vancouver, the Letterpress Lovers Club is operated by Sunlit Letterpress through Etsy. Currently subscriptions are available for 3, 6 and 9 months, with packages sent on a monthly basis. Delivery is only available to Canada and the United States.

Learn more about the Letterpress Lovers Club

The Spread the Word Card of the Month Club

From $14 USD for a three month subscription, plus postage. International delivery available.

Jojobeandesign's "Card of the Month Club" sends a blank greetings card each month for the duration of your subscription, including a matching envelope.

These unique designs are printed on quality card stock. Judging from the selection of cards available in Jojobeandesign's shop, you're bound to be thrilled by the monthly offerings! Subscriptions are available for 3, 6, 9 and twelve months with extra savings included for the lengthier subscriptions. Postage is very reasonable, even for International delivery!

Learn more about the Spread the Word Card of the Month Club

Keep Writing Letterpress Postcard Subscriptions by Gutwrench

From $15 USD for a six month subscription, plus postage if outside the U.S

Keep Writing is a great subscription for those who love to receive postcards - and be prompted to write back!

Subscribers to Gutwrench's Keep Writing Letterpress Postcards will receive a monthly postcard with an image and short story on the back, plus a detachable portion: "a request for you to participate and send the post card to someone else".

Postage within the U.S, is included in the subscription price, though international delivery is available at additional cost.

Prices start from $15 USD for subscribers in the United States, or you could opt to purchase a 5 postcard pack as an add-on when buying other items from Gutwrench's Etsy shop.

Learn more about Keep Writing Letterpress Postcards

The Paper Parcel by Saturday AM Vintage

From $10 USD for a single month subscription, plus shipping. International delivery available.

More "ephemera" than "stationery", Saturday AM Vintage's subscription service delivers a pack of paper through your letterbox each month. You can expect to find new, vintage and found papers of all types including book pages, flashcards, stamps, labels and more! This would be a perfect subscription for those who enjoy scrapbooking and other creative paper crafts.

Subscriptions are available for one, three or six months and international delivery is available (add your products and continue to checkout to calculate delivery costs for your country).

Visit Saturday AM Vintage

The Little Pink Box

Described as a "monthly subscription for creative play", the Little Pink Box is a pretty crafter's dream:
"This box is for YOU: the crafter, artist, vintage loving, supply hoarding, creative type. Yep, a box filled with all of the things we love to play with; vintage lace and fabric, pretty papers, gorgeous embellishments, exclusive collage sheets, trims, trinkets, and more".
Subscriptions are available for one or three months, and international shipping is available.

Visit The Little Pink Studio to learn more.

Mister Ghost’s Highly Enviable Monthly Parcel of Simple Yet Amazing Wonderments

Phew, a rather long title for an amazing stationery subscription service. So popular in fact that that the order volume blew up beyond the capacity the Evil Supply Company's system could handle!

Luckily, we've heard from Mister Ghost that the subscription service will be up and running again in the next couple of weeks, and would highly recommend you to sign up for email updates before the boxes sell out again!

Deliveries include a curated collection of stationery, pins, greeting cards, postcards, small illustration prints & assorted artefacts. Check out the Evil Supply Company shop to get an idea of the wonderments which may be included in the first package of 2014.

Hello!Lucky Monthly Card Subscriptions

$12 USD/£14.40 GBP per month, plus shipping. Delivery to U.S and U.K only.

Hello!Lucky's card subscription service sends three mixed occasion letterpress cards to your door each month including prepaid envelopes. Cards are bestsellers or new arrivals in the shop.

Shipping is only available in the United States or for the United Kingdom (via the UK-based website).

Nicely Noted

$20 USD per month (plus delivery outside the U.S)

Nicely Noted is a stationery subscription service that delivers a curated collection of letterpress cards and stamps to your mailbox every month.

The service was founded by Perry Nelson who has a strong background in technology and design. Her love of writing and receiving letters prompted her to create this subscription service (which even includes stamps with U.S. deliveries) for others to enjoy beautifully designed greetings cards.

Book Riot

$50 USD per quarter (plus shipping if outside the U.S)

While not strictly a stationery subscription, I think this quarterly package from Book Riot will appeal to many paper-addicted readers!
"The theme of our mailings is The Reading Life. Being a reader is about loving books, but it’s also about a lot more than books. Each of our boxes will contain an awesome book and a bunch of other bookish stuff we love, and that we think you’ll love too."
Only one quarterly delivery has been sent out so far, and the reviews I've read have been highly appreciative. Included with #BR01 was a calendar, part-filled composition book and a set of pencils in addition to the novel, Lexicon.

Visit the Book Riot page on Quarterly to learn more

Daphne's Diary

If you love vintage stationery and ephemera, you'll adore Daphne's Diary - a magazine from The Netherlands which is published every six weeks.

More than a magazine, each issue comes with around 8 pages of speciality paper which you can tear or cut out. These papers feature vintage stickers, postcards, mini-crafts and more. Princess and I have collected the first three English-language editions (we've had to purchase a subscription each as neither could bear to part with the adorable papers!).

Currently, subscriptions are only available in the U.K, Germany and The Netherlands, though Daphne's Diary plans to make them available in the U.S and other countries soon. Previous editions can be purchased from the Daphne's Diary website, or you may find them in your local Barnes and Noble.

Visit the Daphne's Diary website to learn more

Which are your favourite paper subscriptions?

Do you subscribe to any of the services listed above? Perhaps I've missed out our favourite paper subscription service?

Please feel free to leave your comments or suggestions by using the form below. We'd love to learn your thoughts about the services included in this list!

Image credit (post banner): aWee, via Flickr.

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