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by - Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Subscription boxes are a relatively new phenomenon to me. While I've certainly heard of Birchbox, Glossybox and other favourites, the thought of parting with money every month for mystery samples I might never use was a major repellent.

So when I chanced upon The Latest in Beauty website, I was pleasantly surprised. Rather than subscribing month-to-month, this site offers boxed collections on an as-and-when basis with listings of all the products they include.

The limited edition Winter Collection seemed like the perfect box for my initial foray into the world of beauty boxes through the mail: with virtually everything you could want to fill up your cosmetic bag, I was happy to give this a try. And I was certainly not disappointed.

My apologies to Glamumous readers from overseas: Latest in Beauty currently only delivers within the United Kingdom. Feeling rather impressed with my purchase, I've decided to review it anyway for the benefit of anyone in the UK considering whether or not to buy a Winter Collection box for themselves.

At £14.99 plus postage, the Editor's Picks Winter Collection from Latest in Beauty is a little bit pricier than many other monthly beauty subscriptions, but proves excellent value for money: I worked out the total value of the contents at around £60!

This little black box includes treats for your body, face and even a set of make-up. As the blurb on the item page states, you can "Banish those winter blues with this fabulous collection of beauty treats...".

Just to clarify, this is not a sponsored post! I purchased the Winter Collection myself, and did not receive this in exchange for a review!

I've worked out the approximate values for each item based on the recommended retail price, and offer my personal opinions on each of the products contained in the collection.

What's in the box?

1. Green People Anti-Age Pencil Eyeliner in City Grey

I tend to use pencil eyeliners much more than liquid ones, and for daytime wear this shade is perfect for me. Having green eyes, dark brows and tawny blonde hair, I find grey far more flattering than black, particularly as I don't usually wear much make-up. After warming the liner between my fingers, I found it smooth and easy to apply. It lasted most of the day and was relatively easy to remove with baby oil (which is what I generally use to remove mascara).

Being a little curious as to how an eyeliner may have anti-ageing properties, I researched the ingredients on the Green People website to learn that it contains vitamins C and E. I can't honestly say that it makes my eyes look younger as a result of wearing it, though at least am more confident  in using a completely natural product which contains 14% organic ingredients.

Value: £10.95 for a full-sized stick.

2. Caudalie hand and nail cream (Miel de Vigne) 30ml

This limited edition hand cream from Caudalie made my hands feel amazing, and that's quite a feat considering how chapped and sore my hands become during the winter months. Absorbing almost instantly, it left my skin feeling velvety smooth and really soothed my chapped fingers (which have been feeling rather sore of late).

It has a delicate honey scent and feels indulgent to use. The small-sized tube is ideal to keep in my handbag so I can use it throughout the day.

Value: £6.00 for 30ml

3. Q The Fine Fragrance Body Spray in Balance (100ml)

Admittedly I had my reservations about this body spray. Having never heard of the brand "Q" before ordering the collection, I wondered if this may have been an extra thrown in just to bulk out the package. However, I was pleasantly surprised!

This fragrance is subtle, and smells beautifully feminine. Dare I say, it smells more expensive than a particular bestselling brand of ladies' body spray! The mist itself is finer than other spray fragrances I have tried, almost like a refreshing cooling perfume on the skin.

A little research helped me discover this 100ml bottle is full-sized and reasonably priced too. I'm definitely looking out for another bottle of this the next time I'm in Boots!

Value: £2.29 for 100ml

4. Oriflame Wonderlash Mascara (8ml)

This is not waterproof mascara which - for me personally - is a good thing. I have sensitive skin and find my eyes are easily irritated by waterproof mascara.

Again, this is a brand I had not previously heard of. Judging from the packaging I realised it was not a high-end brand and had my doubts about the volumising claims simply by looking at the rather sparse brush. What this mascara did do for me is really define my lashes. I'm one of those lucky people to have naturally thick lashes which means most mascaras clump, but this one didn't and instead gave me a wide-eyed look.

Though it did smudge a little through the day, it's certainly a mascara I'd use again.

Value: £8.95

5. Green People Line Eraser Lip and Eye (5ml)

A day after I noticed myself, Princess pointed out (quite vocally, I might add) that I'm beginning to develop lines around my eyes. At this stage of my life, it's no wonder I'm beginning to show my age. Mum has passed on some of her fantastic genes (she certainly doesn't look old enough to be my mother!) but this only goes so far. I knew I needed to step up my skincare a little in order to feel youthful for a little bit longer, so finding the Green People Line Eraser in my box couldn't have happened at a better time.

Now for a confession. I've never actually used an eye or lip cream before. Sure, I've tried a lot of moisturisers, but nothing specifically for those initial lines of age. Refreshing and soothing, the cream absorbed into my skin easily and didn't feel wet afterwards as most of my face creams tend to. Of course those little lines did not instantly vanish, but the skin did feel noticeably tighter, my eyes less tired. It has a lovely fresh fragrance, a perfectly natural scent which reminds me that this is a completely natural product.

Value: £12.99

6. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (30ml)

I was intrigued to try this product as I've never used a cleansing oil before, though figured it best to do a little research first as I have sensitive skin which is easily irritated. Reviews I read about DHC's cleansing oil were very positive, with most negative points attributed to the high cost (a regular sized 70ml bottle costs around £11). Satisfied that it was unlikely to make my face swell, I decided to try in the evening to remove a day's worth of make-up.

To me, it felt a little unnatural applying this cleanser with dry hands to my dry face, almost like I was adding an extra layer of coating. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see my make-up sliding right off as I massaged. I was glad of the natural scent, which smells faintly of olive oil, and it certainly did not feel drying. Rinsing my skin afterwards felt much more like a regular cleanse: the oil emulsifies with water, and with the help of a muslin cloth my face felt really clean afterwards, almost as though I'd cleansed with a moisturiser!

I do have open pores and read afterwards that many recommend washing for a second time with a gentle soap after using DHC'c cleansing oil. Personally I'm not too keen about using two products when a single one should suffice, so I think I'll save my oil for my weekly pampering sessions rather than use it every day.

Value: £4.50 for 30ml

7. LOLA Matte long lasting lipstick in Minx (4g)

I was looking forward to trying the LOLA lipstick more than anything else in my Latest in Beauty collection! Unfortunately, this shade is not a colour which suits me well (I tend to wear peach or beige-pink shades) so while it was absolutely lovely to wear, I've given it to my best friend whose colouring is far better suited to this shade.

I did try it on though, and agree with the claims that it is luxurious and long-lasting. A creamy matte texture, the colour envelops the lips with staying-power. However, it is essential to have baby-soft lips before application - you might want to use Lipscuff or Vaseline and a soft toothbrush to remove any flakes.

Value: £12 for 4g

8. Sanctuary Spa Active Resurface & Refine Ultra Polish (15ml sample)

This trial-sized squeezable tube of Sanctuary Spa's most powerful body polish did a great job of making my pimply thighs feel slightly smoother after use. The product has a lovely fresh scent and a delightfully sensual texture which makes it feel like a more expensive scrub than the price-tag suggests.

With continued use I would imagine a more lasting effect, though admit I used up the whole sample in a single application!

Value: £0.90 for 15ml, (based on the RRP of £12 for a 200ml full-sized product)

9. Weleda Skin Food (10ml)

I've read countless recommendations for Weleda Skin Food and couldn't wait to try it. This is a great cream for very dry skin. Initially I used it on my fingers and knuckles (which have become very chapped and sore due to the winter cold). I found it coated my skin in a film which was great as a barrier to dryness, though certainly not something I would like to use on my face. It's also very soothing for flaky heels and dry elbows, though the best use I discovered was to add radiance across my shoulders and décolletage - this cream provides a lovely sheen which looks great when wearing strappy dresses for a night out!

The packaging looks more clinical than high-end, which to me presents the cream as functional rather than pretending to be a beautifying wonder-lotion. This too is reflected in the natural, subtle scent: a combination of lavender and citrus, perhaps a unisex smell enabling men to enjoy the benefits of this cream too.

Value: £2.25 for 10ml

My opinion

I'm really happy with my first box from Latest in Beauty. Proving excellent value for money, this enabled me to try many different products I probably wouldn't otherwise have tried. With the exception of the lipstick (which I've reluctantly donated to my friend who wears it much better than I could!) I've found all of the products were ideally suited to me, and several which I'll be happy to purchase again.

What surprised me is just how many of these products were full-sized! This made the collection excellent value for money, and was a great bonus as I was expecting small sample bottles as opposed to full-sized products which could potentially last for ages.

I truly recommend the Editor's Picks Winter Collection, particularly those who are feeling a little dull or dry-skinned through the cold winter months. Be quick - this is a limited edition beauty box which won't be available to purchase for much longer!

Reviewed by Amanda Kennedy on February 10th, 2014
Rating: 4.5

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