Ditch the bags and help a chartitable cause!

by - Thursday, May 03, 2007

Charibags in action!

At the supermarket today, I encountered a stand selling Charibags: heavy duty, reusable bags for shoppers, which not only cut down on waste from plastic carriers, but help raise funds for local children's charities and Sheffield Children's Hospital.

"What a wonderful idea!" I said as I snapped some up. At only a couple of pounds each, they're great value, and most of the expense is driven straight to helping our local children.

If you live in Sheffield, snap them up at your local school/supermarket/Sheffield Children's Hospital, and know that you're helping local charities, as well as the environment.

You can also buy these online from Chariband.co.uk.

Edit: Glenda of the Charibags organisation has kindly replied to my email and sent me some promotional pics to post (thank you Glenda!). So now you can see the Charibags for yourself in their variety of sizes:

There is a choice of black or blue charibags in a variety of sizes including the traditional "shopper" at only £2, and the students shoulder bag is a snap at £3!

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