Save money on your amenity bills (and be more environmentally friendly!)

by - Friday, May 18, 2007

Hubby was rather wild when we received the electric bill a few weeks ago. He wasn't impressed yesterday when we had the gas bill...

"We always use more heating/lighting/gas for the cooker/etc in winter," I tried to explain. But still, our monthly payments have increased by more than 100%.

It's time to cut down on our use of these facilities. So I've been reading up lots about how to use less energy in the home. Not only does this cut down on bills, but it also helps the environment as we use less fossil fuels! So here's a few of the best tips I've found. I hope they help you reduce your costs and environment bill too:

  • Use low energy light bulbs. Many companies offer these for free to help reduce the cost to the environment. We were actually given a pack for free by our local housing authority; you can also buy packs of 2-3 from "Poundland" stores.
  • Turn the washing machine temperature down to 30 degrees as much as possible. You'll save 25% of the electricity cost for heating the water, and most coloured washes are still cleaned just as well.
  • Switch off appliances at the wall plug, or unplug them altogether. Appliances such as TV's and DVD players still use energy when on standby mode. So when not in use, make sure they're not eating into your bills!
  • Invest in double glazing if you can. Okay, I know this is an expensive job, but you'll really notice a difference. Our old apartment had double glazing, and it cost so much less to keep warm than it did at our new house (until we had the new windows installed). In the long run, you'll save a lot of money!
  • Draftproof your home: letterboxes, ill fitting doors and windows can all become more efficient by installing draft-proof fuzzy tape. Many local authorities in the UK will do this as a free service (or very cheaply) if you make an application; in many cases, this includes cavity wall and water heater installation.
  • Invest in a washing line and some pegs! Tumble dryers use up so much electricity to get clothes dry. I've barely used mine at all these past few weeks. In fact, only once because it rained solid for three days...

When I discover some more tips I'll be sure to post them here. In the meantime, you should also check out these websites for more information on reducing your bills/making your home a more environmentally friendly place:

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