by - Friday, May 04, 2007

This photo just about sums me up today. I'm really broke, and being broke makes me kind of sad. I hate having to watch each and every penny, especially when it means I have to say "no" to the kids when they ask for a cheap bag of sweets on our way back from the park.

Being "unemployed" (well, actually I'm a "home-maker"...) only serves to make me feel worse. I can't wait to get my web-design business up and running, once I can afford to buy a new domain name and web-hosting, some stationary, advertising... So much to do, and so little time before I become baffled by this notion of skint-ness!!

At least one good thing happened today: my cheque from Google arrived several days earlier than expected; the product of some careful advertising techniques on my website/online riddle. I hope that my business venture generates as much success once I get it off the ground. I'd feel so proud of myself knowing I could make a more active contribution to the family finances again!

Before I was married, I had several years of being hard-up, budgeting every expense and trying my darndest not to go over the limits on my bank account! Now I heartily believe that this has taught me some valuable lessons about money and budgeting. So I'll try not to be disheartened by my temporary lack of available finds, and instead will keep myself busy writing a list of the best ways to manage skint-ness which I'll publish later this evening.

Thank goodness that blogging doesn't cost any more than the monthly broadband charge!

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