Introducing Blogger Buster

by - Sunday, June 24, 2007

I love blogging, and since I've been asked so many questions about the customisations I made to this blog, I decided to start another: Blogger Buster!

My new blog is solely about blogging, featuring posts about customisations, domains, SEO, widgets and loads of other blogging inspired posts. I'm no expert at blogging, but I do like to help others out when I can, so my posts are about things that I've tried and successfully accomplished myself.

You can see my new blog here:

Please let me know what you think, or if there's a specific blogging question you'd like me to try and answer in a post!

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  1. Great idea when does it go live?

  2. Oops! Silly me, I forgot to put my link in this post! I've edited this now, so you can click on the banner or the direct link to visit BloggerBuster now.

    There are quite a lot of posts there already, and I'd love to hear any suggestions for posts and tutorials you'd like to see.

  3. Dear Amanda,

    I visit your blog yesterday.

    I have some questions want to ask you. Hope you can teach me.

    I have a blog. It have a own custom domain name, i same with you used blogger.
    It is a classic blogger template (old blogger).

    But my blog not like your blog have the "Newer Post" "Older Post" & "Home"
    this link on every post of bottom.

    How to do it?

    I use the old blogger template, cos i use my own domain name for my blog. (Same with you). So many hacks i can't use it on my blog.

    If you have time, please reply my question. I want to do that.
    Anyways, thank you!

    P. S. I have send the e-mail to you about this question.

    My english is low level, hope you don't mind. >.<

  4. Dear Amanda,

    Thanks for your e-mail reply and your suggestions. =)

    It's very nice.