We did it! Finally, the potty comes into action!

by - Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm SO thrilled! My little Angel has used her potty for the first time this morning. And not just a pee-pee, but a poopy too!

We've been trying for weeks to get her interested (and willing) to use the potty, and until today it just hasn't worked. She'd sit for ages on the potty while we read books, played games and such, yet as soon as she realised she needed to go, she'd scream for a nappy to be put on, and refused point blank to pee where we wanted! Wet pants didn't work; neither did "going to the toilet with mum".

So I was so surprised when she came to tell me there was poopy in the potty, especially as she'd taken off her own nappy and purposefully sat down!

What happened? Why did she suddenly change her mind? I really don't know, and wish I did so I could help other mummies in the same position. After lots and lots of praise I only hope she'll do the same next time. We're a long way off from establishing the habit yet, I know. But what a breakthrough!


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