The Teletubby Scandal

by - Friday, June 01, 2007

I almost choked when my friend called to tell me that the colourful BBC show, Teletubbies, was being investigated, and could possibly be banned!

"Whatever for?" I asked.

"Well, apparantly, the purple one is a bit gay," she replied.

"Well, yes: Tinky Winky is rather camp!" I can surely forgive her for overreacting, since she's pregnant with her first little angel and has never seen the show herself. Not to mention the emotional hormones flying around. But a scandal about Teletubbies? I had to find out for myself what the furore was about.

Apparently, Poland have been investigating the show after Ewa Sowinska , a campaigner for children's rights, had asked for psychologists to review the show since it promoted homosexuality. However, Parliamentary Speaker Ludwig Dorn has warned Sowinska against making comments "that may turn her department into a laughing stock."

Here's a link to the full story:

In my opinion, there is very little in this world that could be deemed more innocent than the Teletubbies! And after seeing various clips of verbal innuendo from the previously popular preschool show, Rainbow, I know what I prefer my daughter to watch!

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  1. I heard a few years ago that Tinky-Winky had been adopted as a gay icon. Something to do with the handbag I think. But I know what you're saying, there's very little offensive about them, except maybe the deliberate baby talk, which winds me up ever so slightly.