Ooh, look what i got in the the post today!

by - Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Quite a while back, I posted about my love of designer cosmetics, and how i rarely say full price for them. Well here's proof: a free, gratis Chanel lipstick which landed in my mailbox this morning. It really is worth signing up to mailing lists for your favorite brands, which is how I managed to blag this lovely lippie. It certainly made my day!

I think the promotion may have ended now, but you can still sign up for the Chanel email newsletter and receive other freebies/product updates using this link. Also, if you visit your local Chanel counter, you can ask to be included in the mailing list, and will be able to collect a little bag of sample skincare and make-up every couple of months.

See, designer cosmetics don't always have the designer price tag to match!

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