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by - Monday, June 18, 2007

Every so often, a subject arises which I simply must air my thoughts about. This may not be something you wish to hear about, and I do apologise for any upset I may cause. But I have to write this post because this evening I saw a news article on TV which upset me so deeply I fear I may have nightmares about it.

The story was in fact good news: an international paedophile ring has been cracked: over 100 arrests have been made in the UK alone, and over 700 suspects worldwide. Over 30 children in the UK have been saved from abuse.

Children as young as a few months old.

This is what distresses me most of all.

Just a few words spoken by the spokesman for the Police paedophile unit, just a hint of what had been found on the "Son of God's" website, was enough to make me feel utterly sick. It brought me to tears.

As far as I'm concerned, these "animals" are the scum of the earth. In fact, they don't even deserve to be called animals, for no other living creature would perform such atrocities on their young. In recent weeks, we've heard news about voluntary "castration drugs" which could be offered to convicted paedophiles. Why stop at "voluntary", and even "drugs"?

I hate to write about such a terrible subject. More so, I feel disgusted that such things happen in our world. Yet when I was watching the news feature, I couldn't switch it over. Like watching a horror film, I had to see it through to the end, to find the happy ending, to know that there are people who fight such atrocious crimes and bring those guilty to justice:

"I'm absolutely delighted with the sentence. He [the coordinator of the ring] could be imprisoned for a very, very long time," said Michele Elliott, founder of the child protection charity Kidscape. "I am delighted that police forces in 35 countries have come together to ensure that kids are a little bit safer on the Internet." (Turkishpress.com)
Though thankfully, my family and I have never been victims of such atrocities, I feel so grateful to the CEOP and other agencies for helping keep our kids safe. Let's hope that these arrests serve as true deterrent.

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