To my Little Angel on your first day of nursery

by - Tuesday, June 19, 2007

To my Little Angel,

This morning you were so excited: it's your first day of nursery school, and you just couldn't wait to go and play with the yellow teapot and paint Daddy a picture of a pussycat! Since we went for a brief visit last week, you haven't stopped talking about "nursery school" to anyone who would listen: even strangers we pass in the street! You're 28 months old now and are so grown up. A little girl, and not my little baby anymore, though you always will be in my heart.

I wanted you to pose for a photo as we went in the nursery gates, yet all you wanted to do was get inside and play. I was quite nervous for you: after all, this was the first time I'd ever left you in someone else's' care, except for the odd occasion when Daddy and I have been out in the evening when your Auntie would stay and read stories for you and your brother until you both fell asleep! Daddy was even more nervous than me: his little princess was venturing out into the world for the first time. No wonder he spoiled you with a new bag, clothes, lunchboxes and a huge basket of fruit to share with your friends!

When we went inside, you immediately ran over to the little play kitchen to look for the teapot you remembered from the last session. At first you ignored me when I asked for a kiss to say goodbye. Until you realised that the teapot was nowhere to be seen and needed me to find it for you! Straight away you began to make friends, handing out the plastic cups and spoons for the tea party you must have been planning all week. It was so good to watch you interact with the other children: how generous and friendly you were; all smiles and excitement, though perhaps a little shy to talk much at first.

When it came time for me to say goodbye, you didn't want to wave or even acknowledge that I was leaving. "It's probably a good thing" the teachers said as I made my exit with tears in my eyes. Though I didn't want you to be upset, I really wanted to feel that you'd miss me. Since the day you were born, I've always been your playmate; your comfort giver, the one you go to sleep with each night. And though I know you're growing up now, I don't ever want that feeling of being needed to go away.

I came to collect you a few minutes before the session ended, so you wouldn't feel left out if you saw other mummies leaving with their children first. When I entered the classroom, you didn't notice me straight away, and I stood and watched for a few moments as you finished your doodling, concentrating so hard on where the lines went as though it meant so much to you! When you finally noticed I was there, you dropped your pen and ran right over to give me a great big lovely hug that moved me so much with your affection, especially as you sobbed slightly, having seemed to miss me so much!

"She cried a little bit when she realised you were gone," explained the teacher. "But not much! She's played really well with all the other children." Exactly what I'd expected, if I'm honest. My little Angel is such a caring and affectionate little love that I can't imagine her being aggressive, or even rude.
I'm so glad that you had a good time at nursery school. On the way home, you told me all about the games you played, the "painting-drawing", the "dress up" and "kickey ball" in the yard.

"Do you want to go again next week?" I asked, as she sat in the back seat, eyes drooping with utter tiredness.

"Um," she replied smiling. "I go to nursery school again!"

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