This is why i look forward to the school holidays

by - Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This is why i look forward to the school holidays
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The photo is of the road next to my son's school. As you can see, there are dozens of cars parked on the road. And this is actually 30 minutes before home time! Seriously, the traffic around here is awful. I'd love to be able to walk to school (as i'm sure most of these car owners could) but we live 4 miles away and it would take up hours to do so. Ah well, i made the choice to keep my son in this great school when we moved house, so i ought to put up with an hour's worth of traffic each morning and afternoon for the privelage. But with the traffic getting worse by the week, i can't help looking forward to the holidays!

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  1. Horrible traffic!!! My boys school luckily is not that bad.Just an idea...... drive in most of the way then park up before it gets too hectic and walk the rest? Is that possible? And think on the bright side there is your exercise for the day too!
    Keep writing.... i am enjoying your blog!

  2. oh girl - I am WITH you on that! we are putting my son in French Immersion next year, so I will be battling traffic for the next 13 years to take him to school! (Boy do I wish our neighborhood school had a French program!)

  3. @Lei:
    I wish it were possible, but the traffic is heavy right up until we pull onto the roads near the school! At least this is a tactic we could use when my son attends secondary in the Autumn though!

    I feel for you with this! But I'm sure it feels better to know your son will be having a good education with your efforts. We certainly feel this way about the traffic, otherwise the journeys would be unbearable!